success stories

"Before Counseling, I was anxious, depressed, and felt hopeless. After several sessions with Greg, I had hope, a plan, and the means to carry it out successfully!" Robert C.

"I was nervous about therapy at first, but Mr. Preston put me at ease with is relaxing manner.  We addressed family issues,stress management, and anger issues. Inow have the tools to live a happier, more productive life." Thank you, Amy W.

"You don't have to be crazy to be in counseling, you just have to want to better yourself.  Through the help of Preston Counseling, I was able to sort through some messy psychological conflicts and learn to deal with people and my emotions better."      Rick G

"I had the best experience at Preston Counseling. I have seen several other counselors over the years, and Mr. Preston was the most approachable, down to earth, and open minded. He took the time to listen, care and provide honest feedback. Preston Counseling is highly recommended in my book. Very professional and highly trained."  George P.

"Counseling is easier than I thought it would be. Mr. Preston is laid back, open minded, and non-judgmental. I went in for one thing and ended learning a lot about myself. Counseling helped me realize more of my full potential. I am now more successful, happier, and have a better relationship." Leslie.

"Greg Preston has been a great help to me and a joy to work with. His counseling style is very laid back and this makes him very easy to open up to. When I first decided to start seeing a counselor, I was going through what may very well have been the darkest period of my life. I've been seeing Greg for several months now, and I have to say that thanks to a combination of talk therapy and drug therapy that my life is back on track. I feel like a completely new person now and I've finally embraced life and I can proudly say that I'm out living it now. Besides just being someone to talk about your problems to, Greg also utilizes role playing exercises as well as recommends various reading materials and/or films to watch. I've gone from being the guy that used to hate being around people and usually stood in the shadows, to someone that enjoys going out regularly and will even strike up a conversation with strangers.If you've decided to take the first step and go to counseling, I'd recommend Preston Counseling any day."  Andonus

"Greg Preston was very helpful and professional. He helped me see different perspectives and scenarios. Also, I was taught more effective coping and communications skills. Counseling was a positive and enjoyable experience." Paul.


 "I got a lot out of seeing Mr. Preston. He's a great listener. He also is very honest and tells you what he thinks, once he gets to know you. I felt challenged and I grew as a person. I would recommend his counseling services to those in need."  Terri W.