Greg Preston, Preston Counseling, Therapy Charlotte NC


During individual sessions, our focus is on supporting you while you discover a better place, whether that’s the other side of depression or freedom from a past trauma.

Greg Preston, Preston Counseling, Therapy Charlotte NC

Substance Abuse

Breaking free from an addiction begins with therapy that not only addresses the dependence, but digs down to the “why” so you can understand and, more importantly, overcome.

Greg Preston, Preston Counseling, Therapy Charlotte NC

Mental Health

In our judgment-free environment, you’ll find a skilled, compassionate therapist who will partner with you on the journey to a more fulfilling life.

How We Can Help

Are you overwhelmed with stress? Lacking motivation? In a challenging transition? Unfulfilled with the direction of your career, relationship, or life? It happens to the best of us. Perhaps the biggest challenge in life is not the challenges themselves, but in reaching out to others when the going gets tough. Whether it’s being stuck in a rut, struggling with an addiction, burdened by an unfulfilling relationship, or wanting more meaning in career, relationship, or life. I can help.

Life can be hard and get pretty messy sometimes. If you’re looking for a therapist, chances are that you’re in one of those times and feeling unhappy, confused, or hurting in some area of your life. It’s very likely you’ve already talked with family or friends and done what you know to resolve the issue, but find yourself still struggling with it. Wondering if therapy can help you? The answer is probably yes.I work with individual’s and family’s goals that they have for their lives; whether that’s to feel better, capture more from life, have better relationships, or other objectives. I will actively and supportively help you get out of counseling what you want. Often the very crises that bring our suffering; loss, illness, relationship problems, career or financial setbacks, are our doorways to new life.

I can assist individuals, families with developing and maximizing their inner potential and strengths. Through years of education, training and experience, I will assist you in developing the skills needed to define your goals and identify a plan to achieve them. My goal is to help you reach the clarity that will let you feel confident in your decisions… And then to assist and support you to take the steps that lead into the changes you desire.

I provide counseling services to the Charlotte area for stress management, anxiety, panic, anger management, addictions, OCD, depression, and other areas of mental health and substance abuse. I work with a wide range of issues and disorders.  Including grief, anxiety, and individual’s relationship struggles.  I have decades of experience helping people who struggle with alcohol, drug abuse and all sorts of addictions.  Including; gambling, sex, food, spending, workaholism, exercise, and perfectionism. In my work, I offer authenticity and direct communication as a compliment to my education and knowledge base.

The approach that is used in your counseling will depend upon your strengths, personality style, and the ways you organize and understand ideas. We will adjust how we work together to create the best fit for you. To help you get the results you want, and the most benefit from your time and efforts.

Specializing In…

  • Stress

  • Grief and Loss

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Panic Disorder

  • Phobias

  • Anger, Resentment


  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

  • Social Anxiety

  • Bi-polar Disorder

  • Relationships

  • Career and Personal Growth

  • Divorce

  • Parenting, Children and Adolescent Issues