“Before Counseling, I was anxious, depressed, and felt hopeless. After several sessions with Greg, I had hope, a plan, and the means to carry it out successfully!”

Robert C.

“I was nervous about therapy at first, but Mr. Preston put me at ease with is relaxing manner. We addressed family issues,stress management, and anger issues. I now have the tools to live a happier, more productive life. Thank you.”

Amy W.

“You don’t have to be crazy to be in counseling, you just have to want to better yourself. Through the help of Preston Counseling, I was able to sort through some messy psychological conflicts and learn to deal with people and my emotions better.” 

Rick G.

“Mr. Preston has a calming way about him. I got a lot out of our sessions. He is a good listener, is compassionate, and gave me good insights. His practice is comfortable, professional and personable. After he got to know me he gave me customized, perceptive feedback which was helpful. I felt like I could open up and share a lot of things I haven’t told people for fear of being judged or it being repeated. It’s nice to have a confidential safe place to confide in someone. He is friendly, down to earth, and made therapy interesting. I learned a lot about myself and figured out ways to approach issues differently and cope better with Mr. Preston’s guidance and feedback.”


“I found Greg after having a bad experience with another practice. Greg has helped me start thinking in a new positive way and has helped me though a few difficult times. Greg doesn’t just tell you what to do, he really makes you think about it and guides you to discover things on your own. he is very friendly and down to earth and his method works really well. It is very helpful to have someone that understands people, the different ways we think and why we think those things. He is able to help guide you to where you want to be and strives to make you a better person. Greg doesnt hand you fish…he teaches you how to fish so you can learn how to better yourself. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone that is looking for guidance in their life.”


“Mr. Preston was very easy to talk to and put me at ease instantly. There are no judgements here and I strongly recommend him as a counselor. I believe counseling can be a means to living a healthy and happy life and Mr. Preston has helped me realize that we can all have different morals, goals and lifestyles while still treating others with respect. Mr. Preston has helped me realize that my feelings and needs are important and without taking care of myself, I am not able to truly be happy or take care of anyone else. I actually enjoyed our sessions and he is super easy to talk to. If you are thinking of counseling or need counseling, Mr. Preston is a great counselor.”

Kim M.

“I had the best experience at Preston Counseling. I have seen several other counselors over the years, and Mr. Preston was the most approachable, down to earth, and open minded. He took the time to listen, care and provide honest feedback. Preston Counseling is highly recommended in my book. Very professional and highly trained.”


“I have had great progress since starting to see Greg. He has been able to help me recognize a lot of areas where I struggle and given me useful ways to look at them in a new light where they have much less impact. I enjoy coming in because I do not feel pressured into talking about something that’s not an issue. He makes it easy to talk and allows me to dictate the conversation. It’s been an awesome experience to see the changes in my thinking and attitude since dealing with Greg.”

Matt V.

“Very helpful and patient in helping me overcome my depression, stress and anxiety. I have been working with him for over the course of 3 months and while I’m not fully cured, I am definitely way better now. He is very attentive and really wants to help you express yourself to your own comfort. He is a genuine guy and I am glad to have worked with him.”

David K.

“Greg has been very helpful with the transition from college to post grad. He understands the millennial mindset and is able to help facilitate logical information processing, as well as help with the avoidance of preemptively rejecting others. In summation, very easy to talk to, gives good advice, and 10/10 would recommend.”

Hannah C.

“Dr. Preston has provided superior counseling and is very professional. He has assisted me learn more about myself and how to be a better person. He has helped through my crises as they have come without judgement.”


“I’ve worked with Mr. Preston a few times over the years as needed, and his counseling is clear, interesting, and incredibly helpful. I’ve asked his help in crisis and in smoother times, and learn something new almost every session.”

Geist K.

“I can’t say enough about Greg. He is someone that is genuinely passionate about what he does and is someone that wants you to get the most out of your sessions. I would strongly recommend him to anyone in the Charlotte area of any age that might be seeking help or is still hesitant about seeking counseling. As a former client of almost two years I can say that I’ve benefited greatly from meeting with Greg, not only because of the sessions themselves but how I’ve applied what I’ve learned in the sessions into everyday life. Compared to other therapists/counselors that I’ve met with in the past Greg is much more personable, funny, and caring. He helps creates a comfortable, friendly environment that helped me personally become more comfortable about sharing personal issues that consequently helped benefit me the most.”

Harry P.

“I’ve been seeing Greg for nearly a year and he’s a wonderful assistant on my road to understanding what’s been going on in my life. He’s attentive, does his research, and knows me in and out; rarely does he need to reference his notes to know exactly what I’m referring to when I’m describing my past. He’s both warm and straight-forward at the same time. I can’t imagine seeing anyone else. I honestly can’t do him justice in this small review. He even allowed me to bring my wife in for her to give her feedback while maintaining strict professionalism in regards to my confidential information. I would highly recommend him to nearly anyone regardless of the issues you’re dealing with. His approach is broad and seems to be able to be applied to nearly anything. He walks me through my own thought processes and allows me to find my own answers while providing guidance, reassurance, and greater insight into whatever we’re talking through. I consider him a friend.”

David G.

“Greg Preston has been a great help to me and a joy to work with. His counseling style is very laid back and this makes him very easy to open up to. When I first decided to start seeing a counselor, I was going through what may very well have been the darkest period of my life. I’ve been seeing Greg for several months now, and I have to say that thanks to a combination of talk therapy and drug therapy that my life is back on track. I feel like a completely new person now and I’ve finally embraced life and I can proudly say that I’m out living it now. Besides just being someone to talk about your problems to, Greg also utilizes role playing exercises as well as recommends various reading materials and/or films to watch. I’ve gone from being the guy that used to hate being around people and usually stood in the shadows, to someone that enjoys going out regularly and will even strike up a conversation with strangers.If you’ve decided to take the first step and go to counseling, I’d recommend Preston Counseling any day.”


“Excellent therapist. Best I have been to. Very compassionate and caring. Prompt and always ready to be seen. Great attitude and listener. Presents many options to help me think things through. Very thoughtful and consistent. Has helped tremendously in many areas. Def a Plus Plus!”

Nicola L.

“Been going for 6+ months (my girlfriend thinks I should never stop ) Mr Preston has helped me through many issues I’ve had for the longest and has lead me in the right direction in getting closer to some of my family that I was distant with. Definitely would recommend him in all areas including angry management and stress? My communication with my loved one has grown also.”

Ty W.

“I got a lot out of seeing Mr. Preston. He’s a great listener. He also is very honest and tells you what he thinks, once he gets to know you. I felt challenged and I grew as a person. I would recommend his counseling services to those in need.”

Terri W.