At Preston Counseling, I believe that everyone deserves to live a remarkable life! You are the priority, and I am committed to helping you discover the joy and satisfaction that awaits you. Whether you are suffering from the effects of a life change, a traumatic event, confusion in relationships, or simply want to learn how to move through life with greater ease and confidence, I provide a safe, accepting, and effective therapeutic environment. I am attentive to your desires, and I will guide you toward becoming your best self.


Creating a space where people feel supported and understood is what I strive for in the therapy setting. I will work collaboratively with you in an honest and compassionate way to help facilitate the change and growth you desire by creating a toolbox of skills that allow you to understand yourself better.


I am encouraged by the resilience of the human spirit. We have an incredible ability to heal and make meaning out of our lives. Within a comfortable therapeutic relationship that is built on trust, the power of telling one’s story is transformative and can provide the fuel for making courageous life changes.


All matters that bring us to counseling inevitably result in dissatisfying relationships. We often believe things about ourselves which aren't true. Errors in thinking can make us feel bad about ourselves and those in our lives. This may exacerbate depression, anxiety and our overall negative sense of self. Challenging these thoughts can give us new perspectives to help bring rapid change in how we feel.


I work to address both the problem that brings you to counseling and the inevitable relational strain. We will work together to help you find relief from emotional and relational pain and dissatisfaction, and we will work to give you hope for a more meaningful and satisfying life.


Call Preston Counseling today for your appointment and begin the satisfying life you want and deserve.


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